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Xavier Omar- The Everlasting Wave

OMG where was I when this came out?

‘Blind Man’ was a single that I knew of actually. But I had never listened to Xavier’s full album. I did today and it was the bomb. The bomb diggity to be exact.

I fell in love.


His voice is so fresh and swaggy.  Not to mention he is putting the respect of women as a topic in his tracks and you gotta love that!  His Sound is also so diverse. Its not the typical R&B sound we hear all the time. He is definitely tight. (P.S. I love men that can really sing and have memorable voices and Xavier Omar is one of them!

Here’s what I thought about the songs!! 

Special Eyes- So cool. So neat. So sweet. It feels so good. Hmm…..

Grown Woman- I feel like I am in a dream. Somewhere with bright lights. Swaying. Dancing with the man of my dreams. While he sings this to me….Then we kiss at the end.

If This Is Love- This song feels so deep to me. Idk. Like “your man putting you in your place”  feel good.

Do Not Disturb- More of the turn up song on the album.

Poision- Amen for this song!