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College were the Best Years

I just realized why college were my “Best Years”. 

happy britt

It was because in college I was able to be an “Adult” but I didn’t have any of the real “Adult” responsibilities. 

Don’t get me wrong, It was definitely a learning experience.

But this real deal “Adult” thing I am going through now?

Nah…..It aint nothing like this.

So yeah, College was definitely some of the most enjoying years. But I am even more excited to see what will come out of this “Real World experience I am going thorough…”

Guess we will see……

1 Corinthians: Chapter 12

In this chapter the Bible talked about how WE as a people, are ONE function and compared us to the parts of the body as they operate as one function too.

1 Cort. 12:12- “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.”

Basically: Everyone has a role, and everyone has their own purpose.

No 1 purpose is better than the other, and no 1 function can operate fully without the other.

 We need each other, and each of our special roles in order to operate as a whole. 

God Said: We are all beautiful and we are all special!

Once I read that I told myself:

Self, Be who you are meant to be. Everyone has different talents all for different reasons. I CAN-NOT worry about what the next person is doing or how they are doing it or why.

I gots’ to worry about myself.

I need to figure out what I do BEST and how I can use that talent to please God and stay up in his GRACE.

Gotta be special!


My Black Girl Anthem

If you are ever going through something,– A Heartbreak,  A Job Loss,  Life Upset, you name it.

This song is what you need to listen to.

I call it my “Black Girl Anthem.

It’s a oldie but goodie. But this song is so real and so cool.

Do you hear how she say “Eleven- Years, I -Sacrificed.”

It don’t matter if its been 12 years or 1 year for you –you feel what she is saying.

We have all sacrificed.

The key is like Mary says is: That we not gone cry.

To be more precise, She aint say she never cried,

She said “I’m not gone cry no more.”

Its a difference.

Yall betta listen to Mary. ***Snaps Fingers*****

In The Midst Of It All 

I must say……… 2017 has been quite jolly so far.

(sips smoothie)
#Shoutout to January

#Shoutout to everybody getting their life on track

#Shoutout to being able to say NO to the devil


 #Shoutout to the people on daily beast mode.

Yall the real MVPs.

But Kick it.  
Two Thousand and Sixteen.
That YEAR?? (#Bad&Boujee)


That year was tough.
But, I looked at it like this:  

It’s Old News,

I Cant Change the Past,

I Didn’t Die from It, ANDD

by the Grace of God– Everyday is A Brand New Day.

So Hey!
I didn’t have no choice but to pick up my chin

and to keep on trucking.

Its by design.

But, not only was I able to let go of such a hard year and to legit keep it moving.

I had also came out of 2016 with a key.  
A cool a** key to be exact.  
This key was my new motto.

A new look at life, and A new way to do things.

I had found Balance.

Not too much of this.

And not too much of that.

Or a little bit of this.

And a little bit of that.

Its All About the Balance.

Aint no more play without the same amount of work being definitely put in, aint no more overthinking in my soul without researching it in my brain,  and no more rewards without discipline.

So Yeah, 2017 is gonna be lit.

And it’s GOT TO BE great.

But most importantly:

It’s Gonna be Balanced.

Aint no way around it (In my Future voice)

Yesterday was 11/9/16

Song of the day: Congratulations by Post Malone ft Quavo

So Trump is our new President.


I’m going to flat out say that I did not think that this would happen. At all.

Like I felt that I literally knew deep down inside that there was no way that he was ever going to win the presidency.

I mean he is just too obnoxious, too mean, too jittery, took non-genuine and a non representation of what I felt America was all about. Not fit for a president.


I was wrong.

The day he was announced president is the day it really dawned on me—–        ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Real ish.

I was like ” So we can really be whoever we want to be.”

 If I want it. I gotta go get it.

So, All I have to say is,