Who Me

The REALest About Me Ever


 I am not perfect okay.

I am sometimes: very stubborn, very goofy, at heart a real life Humanitarian, I have like 18 different personalities in my one body, an idealist, a pro selfie queen, a 24/7 bargain shopper, a low key fashionista, an awkward exerciser, never been a real fan for anyone except Aaliyah and my aunt Monica, a body language translator, THE party organizer, a super analytical freak, very very organized (a little OCD to a point), a strategist, a girl with a weird fascination with wild cats, Sharpies, flashing lights (really lights period), nature & word fonts.

……… A spazzer, a word creator, stingy (as they say), a lover of really good movies and really good margaritas, GPS dependent, a real life dance machine, a real good fake backup singer and a TRUE music lover.

I am also:  very compassionate, over emotional, an aspiring Activist, dramatic, a little mean sometimes, awesomely creative, completely anti-social on most week days, super energetic, kind and gentle, a horrible iron-er, extremely opinionated, selfish (as they say), a complex communicator, a pretty good story teller, old-fashioned, shy (working on this), aggressive, a good multi-tasker (yes it is real) and a lover of life.


Team Canon, Team “Go Girl”,  Team #WorldSugar, Team #NoMedicine, Team#AllWeNeedIsSomeUnderstanding, Team #IWatchTheNews,                     Team#DoYourOwnResearch,

and to be cont……..

2 thoughts on “Who Me”

  1. I wanted to like your post/page on feeling like you have a relationship with music. Hearing that made my heart jump a little. I can always count on music to soothe me. It’s always there. That it home for me and I couldn’t help but letchya know!

    Liked by 1 person

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