Joy Lane could have been Karen Smith…..

I remember being on social media and seeing horrible things being said about Joy Lane the week the whole “Facebook Killer” story came out.

joy lane
Joy Lane and Steve Stephens

She was the girlfriend of Steve Stephens who went and killed innocent grandfather Robert Godwin for no reason. He then went on Facebook and blamed it on Joy.

Joy Lane’s Story

That man was troubled to say the least.

But what was even more troubling was the comments and hashtags that were being created about Joy – as if this whole situation was HER fault and as if she had any control over what that man was going to do.

I couldn’t believe it.

Then a couple weeks later (or was it before) there was the story about Karen Smith whose life was taken by her husband Cedric Anderson at her place of employment where a 9yr old student’s life was also taken.

Karen Smith’s Story

Was this Karen’s fault?

karen elaine smith
Karen Smith and estranged husband Cedric Anderson

Its easier to say no right? But when you look back at Joy Lane’s story and what happened to her, how and why is there even a question whether that situation was by anyway her fault? 

Joy could have easily been Karen. 

Last week I sat down and I just thought about how it must feel to be Joy Lane.

She had the courage to step away from a bad situation which could have easily led to her own demise and then have to go through the trauma of a murder being blamed solely on her by her own aggressor. That has to be heavy. 

We will never know how she feels deep down inside and how much weight Robert Godwin’s death had to weigh on her personally. So why did we pass judgement?

What I know, is that there is only one JUDGE and both Robert and Stephen are about to meet him.

Point. Blank. Period.

I pray for all families.