90s Babies are the Best Babies

Yeah I said it!

“If you were not born in the 90’s, then you missed being born in the best years.”

48 Reasons why 90’s Babies Had The Best Childhoods

We are blessed.

I say this because we got to experience both parts of the “World” as we know it today.

This includes: The world before technology took over, and the world we know today controlled by technology.

The world before technology was the days kids played outside. The days where you really had to “communicate” with people in order to build relationships. The days with encyclopedias. The days the library use to be popping (or was it just me). The good ole days.

bubble beeper
Bet yall dont remember this? 

The world after technology is super savvy and super neat. The days where your nieces and nephews know more about an iPad then you do. The days where cars drive themselves. The days of online dating. A sneak peak of the future….and I must admit it is bright.

Us 90’s babies got best of both worlds.

We are well balanced and Equally yoked. 

We can appreciate somethings because we actually grew up without everything.

Since we also grew up in the technology age we also know how important and just how darn cool it is to be connected and the spectacular things technology can do.

But we are Balanced. And that is what matters.


Shoulder Roll……