Nu Religion: Hyena

What a cute little duo yawl. Not to mention one of them looks like Big Sean cute self. But they are definitely their own artistic individuals. This album Nu Religion sets them apart from the regular R&B and Hip-Hop groups by being the perfect fusion of both genres and even more.

When I listened to the album and decided to write about it I realized the album puts you in a mood or better yet a specific groove. Almost every beat on this project is super nice. If you are part of the “good beats, good song” generation like I am you always recognize good beats and this album has plenty.

If I had to rate the album on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best I would give them an 8!! They only reason I wouldn’t give them a 10 is because I am always looking for someone to seduce me lyrically and they didn’t quite do that but overall this joint is definitely FYE! Find below my comments on the track-list!


  • Nu Religion: Hyena (Intro)
    • Its shows you how nice their beats are really going to be. Not to be skipped.
  • Africa
    • Ayeeee! Lol The name of the song made me think this song might be deep and maybe even a little boring. But it was the total opposite. Even got a little twerk beat in there.
  • Deep End
    • They sing a lot on their tracks, but this one you get to see more of their rap skills which are equally bomb. This song represents their perfect fusion well.
  • Motley Crew
    • Definitely a song you listen to with you friends while drinking in the car going down the highway lol Just me?
  • Truth Be Told
    • A solid track. My go-to when I first get in the car. Just works so well.
  • What You Want
    • Ayeeee! Turn up! A song I could possibly hear in the club. Definitely try this one.
  • Bad Habits
    • Bet you won’t forget the Chorus. Seriously.
  • Say When
    • This that slow roll turn up song. Kind of has a Rock Out, Rockstar feel as well. I see myself at a concert with this song playing swinging my head and slow grinding. Just me?
  • All
    • The beat is nice and it gives me a Chris Brown vibe….Definitely a bedroom banger.
  • Dante’s Creek
    • OMG! Yall remember Dawson’s Creek Theme Song by Paula Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait”? This is a remake! I think it’s so super cool and definitely gives off a 90s and Cali vibe all in one. So Cute.
  • Back It Up
    • Late Night Creep song. Reminds me of a TLC song. Another bedroom banger.