A. M. Paradox

I know I am late. This came out last year. Yeah, Yeah.

But I really, really like this EP……

I found Brent Faiyaz on a late night R&B playlist just searching. Boy, was I lucky.

I had been looking for something deep and relaxing……

“No One Knows” was the song on the playlist I was listening to.  I heard that song and fell in love.

Now I can’t get enough of him.

Brent Faiyaz

The first thing I discovered on this EP is that he has conversations throughout the piece and that vibe instantly reminded me of Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Even though they are having two totally different conversations lol he still got my big ups. It was short, sweet and to the point.

In other words:  The album is super dope. Check it out.

No One Knows– The Beats, The Melodies, the Conversation, the different phases. This song is a journey. A whole experience in one song. And if you listen to the words he gets a little deep. A little personal. Ball on them then lol

Insecure–  Deep. Listen to the conversation at the end lol Smoke a cigarette type song.

Lovely– The first minute of the song is hypnotizing. Idk lol It does something to me… Then the song starts. And Im like this oh yeah, this is a true bedroom banger lol Then the last minute of the song he breaks it down. Just thank me later guys.

Invite Me– Slow Grinding. Drunk in the mirror. That’s what this song makes me think of lol

Poision- The conversation at the beginning of this song was kind of throwing me off lol But after listening to it a couple times, I realized I begin to laugh at it. It’s a real a** conversation lol and I personally love those. So I respected it. And that opened me up to the song. And Im glad it did. I think lyrically this is probably the best song on the EP. Its sexy. Its deep and its real. Cant Complain.

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