#Pulse Shooting and #Alligator Attacks

As more and more information begins to come out about the Pulse Shooting Massacre in Orlando the more and more distraught I become. About everything. All together.

This situation was a mix of so many issues. Homophobia, Islamophobia, Gun Control Laws, Trump, Hatred we as humans have for each other and the ignorance that society allows for so many of us.

As like with many tragedies, what this incident did create that was wonderful to see was a sense of unity in all of our communities! I saw that it gave us a power to stand up for the LGBT community like never before.

I don’t care how much people don’t agree with the lifestyles the LGBT community decide to pursue- we were reminded that they are human just like every one of us.  They are people with families as well that will Loved and Missed.


Just imagine about how many people are affected by this shooting just by being friends and family of the victims. Not to include the people like me who mourn just by knowledge of the incident from the heart. This is a real national crisis. 50 people gone? In one night? That ish is crazy to me……

Here one day and gone the other…

Seems like that is how life works.

Can work.

Has been working.

THEN this morning I hear about a little boy that was grabbed by an alligator at a Disney Park resort yesterday. (And of course everybody has some opinion— Blaming the parents, blaming the park, blaming the alligators, blaming the signs put up and not put up.)

Why are we always filled with the need to blame someone? How about we blame NO ONE?There will not always be someone to blame…. THIS. IS. LIFE.

Story on USA Today

If I haven’t learned anything from all of this, I have learned ONE thing:

life unpredictable

All of these recent stories and tragedies are reminding us – and  I will say it once again- You can be here one day and Gone the other………..

 What is my point?

We got to get ish straight! For me, I have GOTS to live a prosperous, beautiful, and most importantly a HAPPY life!

I will not judge, I will not pass opinion without using empathy, and I will continue to love my neighbor. …………..(Even if my neighbor is  a meanie with no life.)

To their dismay, I exist and I am here until the day I am not. Nan, Nan Boo Boo!


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