IN MY ZONE: Jeremih- Late Nights Album Review

Jeremih is definitely underrated.

This album is off the chain!  DJ Khaled told him “J, Just Hold Them Down”. And that’s exactly what he did.

This is how I feel about the album as a whole……..


OUI. is definitely my FAVORITE song on the album. It also definitely gets played the most. Not only is it a banger- he also teaches you French for those who don’t know any other languages lol. So, “OUI” is WE in French. Tah dah! This is also a 90s remake and this being the year of remakes- this song is one of the best!

PASS DAT. Is my 2nd favorite song on this album. It is a TURN UP/ CHILL song. (How do you do both as the same damn time? IDK ask Jeremih) You can either use it to get ready for the club or turn it on at a kick back to get everybody in the mood to chill. It goes both ways. Just don’t listen to the words unless you are over the age of 18 lol

IMPATIENT.  Feat Ty Dolla Sign. Ayeeee! This song goes super hard too lol Im not a big fan of Ty Dolla Sign (because he rap too slow to me lol) but he adds a little appeal to the song but in a nice seductive way that I can’t hate on. This is a cool chill song.

DRANK. Is a slow grinding song you might hear in the club. Except with this one everyone wouldn’t be leaving the dance floor. “Blame it on the Drank, Baby”. He makes a comparison to Green Apple Crown that makes me laugh every time I hear it lol You gotta find it.

GIV NO FUKS. Trap Music turned R&B right here. Him and Migos is definitely an interesting collab but I have to admit it turned out dope cool. This single gives you a little feel of that edgy side of Jeremih you don’t see on his other songs.

ROYALTY. Ft Future and Big Sean. With all these big names its gotta be a banger right? I say so/so. The vibe it gives you is dope no doubt. I guess this is a sexy song a woman might play for her man to dance a little or something, Im not sure. It just isn’t a banger to me!

WOOSAH. Ft Juicy J and Twista. Low-key and Super Sexy. The song reminds me of the Slow Jamz joint with Jamie Foxx and Twista for some reason. Juicy J is a little raw lol and turns the song to a little explicit but Twista makes up for the rest.

WORTHY ft Jhene Aiko. Free spirit is what this song makes me feel and think of. Jhene Aiko is a hippie singer in herself but this song is just real cool & chill. Good to hear a female on one of  his tracks.

PARADISE. This song is the funniest song I have ever heard in my life lol. It has a melody that you would use to put babies to sleep. A cute little lullaby. But the words are for a young bachelor living it up! His first line is about Molly. You gotta listen to see what I am talking about.

Overall, this album was so fun listening to. It made me feel like “Why haven’t I listened to Jeremih earlier?” I would give it a 9. You can turn up, chill, feel sexy, and reminiscence to this album. He gives you a little bit of everything!!! Be sure to check him out.