Do you think Aaliyah would still be relevant today?

Do you think Aaliyah would still be relevant and a “big deal” if she were here today in today’s music scene?

Good question, right?

So, I was at a friend’s house the other day and it also happened to be the birthday of Aaliyah. Eventually the question above came up and I instantly became a little defensive to some of the talk that was coming out. MY initial thought was “Duh she would be relevant- I mean she was Aaliyah.” But I must admit my friends put up a good argument.

One argument was that when she passed away she was already in her prime and would have eventually fallen off like most R&B divas do. Another argument was that she was slowly switching to acting and she would probably not have been as big in the music arena as she was when she was out in the 90s. One person was on my side and said that she would have been bigger than Beyonce! You know that’s a touchy topic right there lol – But we was really arguing up in there. Nevertheless it got me thinking.

No matter what Aaliyah is still a big deal NOW. On her birthday I saw numerous Instagram posts with her picture and RIP messages, all of the radio stations were playing her throwbacks and paying tributes, and people were having conversations about her life just like me and my friends were because it was HER day. It did make me think though, is her life so important now because she died and sort of became a martyr to the music community or was she really the musical goddess I always thought she was merely based on her talent and music? Hmm.

aaliyah big

All I do know is I love me some her and no matter what she will always be a part of our deep musical heritage. She lived a beautiful life and blessed us with beautiful musical presents to forever keep with us. For that, I won’t complain.  But I do want to know what you guys think!