IN MY ZONE: Jesse Boykin III Album Review

If you read my About Me section you know I’m a “Feel-Good Music Lover.” And what I mean by that is exactly that…. I love music that makes me feel good- no matter the genre.

So when I find music I really like I sometimes get into this really obsessive ZONE. I go absolutely crazy about the artist, or an album, or the song and I over-indulge myself into everything that I can about it.  I listen to songs on long repeats, look up lyrics and plan full out sing-a-longs and I also like to share what I like with others. Thus became my IN MY ZONE feature section for WORLD SUGAR.

My first IN MY ZONE artist is Jesse Boykins III and his album LOVE APPARATUS. 

To be honest, I had never ever heard of him until he popped up into my Spotify one day with his interesting album cover. It definitely caught my attention.

So I click on it and I listen. The first song that comes up on shuffle is “The Wonder Years.” I was like yassss. Boogie on down then lol It really made me want to dance. Like a 70s-80s feel. It also made me want to hear more.

So I listened to the whole album and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

His voice is so pleasing and soothing. It’s really kind of amazing to be honest. He kind of reminds me of Miguel a little in just how his voice makes me feel when he sings. So if you sit down and really listen to his words or have a sing-a-long like me you will see that Jesse is kind of like some sensual modern day R&B poet. The ish is dope.

“I Wish” is my FAVORITE song on the album. It’s a R&B classic. This song reminds me of D’Angelo’s style in music. I really “felt something” on this song. I felt his words. I felt the beat.I just felt something. And that is all I’m going to say lol. Listen to this one first!

“Live in Me” is another one of the good ones. The beat is pretty cool – really different. You can either dance or groove to this one. It gives you a nice balance of upbeat and chill all in one song.

“Show Me Who You Are” is another good one. I 100% believe this is the song he turns on when he is trying to seduce his women lol. And not to mention the beat is super dope.

“B4 the Night is Through” is definitely a true groove song. It makes me want to get some disco lights and an afro and boogie on on down! Thumbs up for this upbeat banger!

“A Matter of the Heart” was a good song but a sad song to me. Though, a nice contrast to his upbeat and dance songs. I don’t know who Phonte is (rapper)  but I like him on the track too. Real suave.

The last song I really liked a whole lot was “Tell Me”.  It’s featuring THEOPHILUS LONDON and he really brings out the SUAVE in this song.

There are a couple more good songs, but overall I give the album an 9! It definitely kept me IN MY ZONE for a minute straight grooving and vibing. Turn up!